es-sen-tial — (adjective) absolutely necessary; extremely important.

edge  (noun) advantage; (verb) to move gradually in a particular direction; to give sharpness.



Essential Edge Live is a powerful two-day annual planning retreat that will take you beyond dreaming about the creative impact and life you want to make — to living it. 

It's an intentional time to channel your creative calling, form deep connections quickly, and give your wildly creative plans wings!

Essential Edge Live is for artists, visionaries, and creative business owners who want to step back from their immediate to-do list in order to plan for sales, marketing, adventures, and business in the coming year. The two-day event features presentations by award-winning leaders in business, marketing, mindfulness, and creativity.

(And it all happens over the course of two powerful days.)

Invest in yourself, your mission, and your creative business with strategic plans for each quarter of your 2017 EEL calendar. We'll guide you through the planning process, re-fill your business and marketing toolkit, and surround you with a network of support while you're there!

You'll Get the Essentials and the creative edge to stand out. 

  • strategic revenue planning to drive sales and growth
  • marketing takeaways to make an impact with your message
  • how-to for cultivate an audience of loyal fans and customers
  • quarterly planning in your 2017 Essential Edge calendar
  • strategies for showing up when inspiration hits (and when it doesn’t...)
  • post-retreat community accountability calls in each quarter of 2017 to keep you motivated and committed to your plans!

In addition to incredible talks and takeaways, you'll create ready-to-implement business and marketing plans for 2017. And you'll walk away with support and accountability from the Essential Edge Live community in live group calls each quarter of the new year. 

Let 2017 be the year of expansion and sales for your creative business by planning for it at Essential Edge Live!