Ambassador Ticket Sale Commissions

Let's bring more artists and creative visionaries to the Essential Edge Live 2016 experience!

Here are 3 ways to get individuals and groups to attend Essential Edge Live 2016 — and earn on every ticket you sell:


sell 4 tickets to earn back your ambassador investment

For each of the first four (4) EEL 2016 tickets you sell, you'll receive $15 cash. That's $60 total — the cost of becoming an Ambassador.


(Regular tickets to attend EEL2016 are $297)


earn even more on every 1 ticket you sell thereafter!

After selling your first four (4) tickets, we'll automatically bump you up to "Go-Getter" Ambassador Status. You'll receive $20 cash on every individual ticket you sell!


earn $100 each time you   sell 5+ group tickets

This is a great option if you want to offer tickets to groups of 5+ people. For group Tickets, you'll receive $100, straight up. And, you can also offer a Group Ticket rate that gives a $100 discount to each group member for five (5) $197 tickets. A steal of a deal!