Frank Hyman / Writer, Photographer, Designer and Stone Mason
Creative entrepreneur Frank Hyman enjoys a great living (and 6 weeks of vacation time) from 9 hobbies that he’s leveraged up to professional levels: writing, photography, sculpture, horticulture, foraging, design, stone masonry, carpentry and politics. In the pleasant weather of spring and fall he’s often designing, planting and building gardens. In summer and winter he’s writing columns for 3 magazines, leading classes, selling photos or traveling. Frank will speak on strengthening your work by enhancing aspects of your creativity in art, craft and design.

Emily Sexton / Photographer, Social Entrepreneur & Fashion Truck Owner

With a past career on Wall Street as a Vice President of Communications and Change Management, Em brings her ‘win them over’ know-how, delightful enthusiasm and every day wit to equip savvy entrepreneurs and for-purpose brands with photos and promo videos that elevate their visual voice. From Wall Street to the streets with no name, you can also find Em creating a marketplace for vulnerable entrepreneurs in developing nations through her ethical fashion truck, The Flourish Market.

Greg Whitt / Drum for Change 

Greg holds a graduate certificate in Transformative Leadership and a BA in Communication. He has been facilitating interactive rhythm programs since 2001. Greg supports the idea that there's a natural order to things and that we cannot holistically separate ourselves from these inherent rhythms of life. He will share how to elevate your creative work through collaborations and strategic partnerships.